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Privacy Notice

To recognize a social mission enough about the protection of all individual information that our company on the business handles, to observe the protection of the right of the information subject and legal restrictions concerning individual information, etc. , and to materialize the following policies, our company constructs the compliance program. The latest trend of the information technology skill, the change in a social request, and the change of the business environment, etc. declare attention always, giving all companies to the continual improvement of the protection of individual information management system, and the approach.

1. It limits it within the necessary range in a business accomplishment of propriety of our company, the employee's employment, and personnel management, and individual information is collected, used, and offered.

2. Reasonable measures for safety are observed to the unlawful computer access to individual information or risks of the destruction and the leakage, etc. and the law concerning protection of individual information and other standards are observed by injecting management resources that agree with the fact of the lecture business.

3. Cinemagic strictly observes the Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations.

4. The compliance program is reviewed at the right time and appropriately based on the change in the environment that surrounds our company including the trend etc. of needs and the information technology skill of the information subject, and the improvement is promoted continuously.

This policy tries for the employee each one's distribution to all directors and employee, informing, and education and enlightenments, and always aims at the uplift of the protection of individual information consideration.

February 1, 2007
Kunihiko Yokohata
Cinemagic Ltd.