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★ This site is a streaming distribution service. It cannot be downloaded and viewed.

Q. How much is it?

A.The usage fee is ¥ 4,000 (tax included) for 30 days unlimited viewing.
In the case of credit card payment, it will be automatically continued every 30 days from the date of membership registration. (Settlement time between 6:30 and 10:00 AM) If you do not want automatic renewal, please cancel the membership yourself by the deadline.

Q. I would like to become a member…?

A.First of all, you need to register as a free member, and then you register as a monthly member.

Join Free
Please register as a free member who can enjoy free videos and trailers.

• Enter the required information and click the "Next Step" button.
There is no charge for membership registration.

・After registration is complete, a registration completion email will be sent to the registered email address.

* If you do not receive the registration completion email, please use the inquiry form. Please contact us.

Check if the video plays normally

・Please log in with your registered email address and password.
* If you check the "Remember" checkbox when logging in, you will not need to enter your e-mail address from the next time..
After logging in, please check that you can watch the trailer (sample video) on each work page without any problems.

* Please note that refunds will not be accepted if you register as a monthly member despite the environment in which playback cannot be performed normally.
Monthly membership registration
If you are satisfied with the content, proceed to monthly membership registration where you can watch all the videos on the site.
Monthly membership registration is a form in which you can purchase and settle the monthly membership registration by putting it in the cart on the specified page.
* Monthly membership will continue to be settled every 30 days unless you withdraw.
Credit card payment
Please fill in the required items on the payment page and complete the payment.
After completing the payment, your account will be activated as a monthly member and you will be able to watch all the videos on the site.
The payment system uses CREDIX Ltd.
  • Contact for credit card payment
    Please contact CREDIX Customer Support(24hours/day, 7days/week)via e-mail:creditinfo@credix-web.co.jp
  • Credit card type
    Any credit cards with Visa, MasterCard, and JCB logos are accepted.
  • Credit card billing
    This payment will be charged as "CREDIX" on your credit card bill.

Your membership will be automatically renewed every 30 days. You will be re-charged automatically at AM6:30 after 30 days.(Japanese Standard Time) If you would like to withdraw membership,you will be requested your ID and Password.
Please note that the ID password cannot be used at that time when the secession processing is done.

Q.I accidentally registered multiple times.

A.CREDIX Customer Support Co., Ltd. will respond promptly and politely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please contact the following contacts.

CREDIX Customer Support Co., Ltd.(24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
TEL: 0570-07-3210 (TEL 03-6832-1339)

Q. I entered my "ID" and "password", but I can't watch the content.

A. This is due to a customer typo. The following problems are possible, so please check again.
- The case is not entered correctly. You may confuse "number 1" with "lowercase letter l" or "uppercase letter I (eye)", or mistake "number 0" with "uppercase letter O".
- You have entered the password before withdrawal. * If you cancel your membership, your "viewing account" will be invalidated at that time.
*When you withdraw membership, your ID and Password become invalid instantly.

* You can prevent typos by copying and pasting the "ID" and "password".

Q.I don't know how to unsubscribe.

A.If you want to unsubscribe, you can do so from My Page while logged in to the site.
To completely withdraw from the site, you need to cancel both "Monthly membership registration" and withdraw from the free membership.
(If you have not registered as a monthly member, you can only withdraw from the free membership)

Q.I forgot the email address and password I used to register as a member.

A.If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password below. Resetting a password
If you have forgotten your registered e-mail address, enter the name and phone number used for registration from the inquiry page. Please contact us.
Reset Password
If you have forgotten your e-mail address that you have registered, please contact us on the fill in the phone number with your name that you used to register than contact page.

Q.What is the recommended environment for enjoying content?

A.Please refer to each recommended environment in the Start Guide.

Q.Is it possible to browse on Macintosh?

A.Compatible with OS 10.4 and above. For details, refer to each recommended environment in the Start Guide.

Q.Streaming playback does not work (playback is frequently interrupted, etc.) ... What should I do?

A.Is the line speed sufficient for playback? You may not be able to see it normally on a low-speed line. Please check if the line is actually measured and the speed of 1 Mbps or more is stably secured.
If you have any inquiries regarding playback problems, please disclose the viewing environment (OS version of your PC or smartphone, playback application (in the case of PC), connection line used) as specifically as possible.

Q.Isn't the charge increasing according to the connection time and playback time?

A.There is a fixed monthly fee for using this site. You can watch as much as you like regardless of the connection time with only a monthly fee. Please confirm the monthly membership fee at the time of purchase.

Q.What is your credit card billing name?

A.Each card company will charge the user under the name of "CREDIX". (Specific program names etc. are not displayed)

Q. I'm worried about using a credit card.

A.The payment system uses the system of CREDIX Co., Ltd. Please refer to the following site for safety. Regarding the security of credit card payments
Find out about the safety of the credit card payment system of CREDIX.