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The procedure for registering as a monthly member of CineMagic Channel is very easy! Once the card payment is completed, you can enjoy the content immediately without having to wait. In addition, if you use point payment for monthly membership registration, you can also use bank transfer.
★ This site is a streaming distribution service. It cannot be downloaded and viewed.

■First of all, free membership registration!

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Please register as a free member who can enjoy free videos and trailers.

• Enter the required information and click the "Next Step" button.
There is no charge for membership registration.
Registration is free.

・After registration is complete, a registration completion email will be sent to the registered email address.

* If you do not receive the registration completion email, please use the inquiry form.Please contact us.

Check if the video plays normally

・Please log in with your registered email address and password.
* If you check the "Remember" checkbox when logging in, you will not need to enter your e-mail address from the next time.
After logging in, please check that you can watch the trailer (sample video) on each work page without any problems.

* Please note that refunds will not be accepted if you register as a monthly member despite the environment in which playback cannot be performed normally.
Monthly membership registration
If you are satisfied with the content, proceed to monthly membership registration where you can watch all the videos on the site. Monthly membership registration is a form in which you can purchase and settle the monthly membership registration by putting it in the cart on the specified page.
* Monthly membership will continue to be settled every 30 days unless you withdraw.
Settlement procedure
There are two payment methods on this site: card payment and point payment (bank transfer).
・ Card payment procedure
1. Select "CREDIX Credit" when making a payment on the "Specify Payment Method" page of the monthly membership registration in the cart.
2. Confirm the product contents on the confirmation page of the input contents and proceed to the "order completion page"
3. Fill in the required items on the CREDIX payment page and complete the payment
* Monthly membership rights will be granted to your account.

■Explanation about credit card payment

The payment system uses CREDIX Co., Ltd.
>> Explanation about credit card payment (please be sure to read)
CREDIX Customer Support Co., Ltd. (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
TEL: 0570-07-3210 (TEL 03-6832-1339)

Unless you withdraw from the membership, payment will continue every 30 days.
* New payment will be made between 6:30 and 10:00 AM, 30 days after the previous payment date.
Please note that if you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to use your "viewing account" at that time.

■ If you forget your password

The password will be automatically reissued from the link below.
Resetting a password

■About member withdrawal processing

If you want to unsubscribe, you can do so from My Page while logged in to the site.
To completely withdraw from the site, you need to cancel both "Monthly membership registration" and withdraw from the free membership.
(If you have not registered as a monthly member, you can only withdraw from the free membership)

■Internet connection environment required for playback

To watch the video, you need a broadband high-speed internet connection environment.
* Cannot be used with low-speed line connections such as dial-up and ISDN.
* Since the video is played in a streaming format, an internet connection is always required during playback.

Connection line (PC)
required for playback
Optical fiber connection such as B FLET'S, various ADSL connections (8Mbps or higher recommended)
Broadband connection such as cable TV (CATV)
* The actual line speed must be 1 Mbps or higher.

Connection line required for playback (smartphone)
3G line, 4G (LTE) line, WiFi connection
* The actual line speed must be 1 Mbps or higher.
* Except for WiFi connection, if you play a large number of videos in a certain period, you will be subject to packet restrictions from the carrier. We recommend playing over a WiFi connection. (For packet restrictions, please contact your mobile phone company.)

■ About delivery method

This site uses the streaming method for video distribution.
In this method, while video data is distributed to your personal computer or smartphone via the Internet,
Since it is played at the same time, it can be played randomly from any time.
* Since the video is played in a streaming format, an internet connection is always required during playback.
* Video data cannot be played after it has been downloaded to a PC or smartphone in advance.

■ PC / smartphone environment required for playback

-Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 or later / Mac OS X v10.4 or later
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash Player * Click here for the latest version
  • Recommended monitor resolution of 1200 x 720 dots or higher
  • Memory: 2GB or more
  • Set JavaScript to "On" and Cookie to "Accept"

Smartphone / iOS device (iPhone, etc.)
  • IOS 5 or above recommended
  • Set JavaScript to "On" and Cookie to "Accept"

Smartphone / Android device
  • AndroidOS 2.2 or above required * WiFi connection recommended
  • Set JavaScript to "On" and Cookie to "Accept"
    -Some models do not display the full screen button when playing a video.

* Computer capabilities vary greatly depending on the usage environment, so the above is just a guide and does not guarantee playback. Also, the above specifications are higher than the general recommended environment.