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Change of video viewing method

1. Change of video viewing method and support for smartphones and Macs

Until now, the only environment for enjoying videos was the Windows environment, but with the renewal of the site, it will be possible to watch on smartphones, tablets, and Macs equipped with iOS / Android. Also, although you used to watch videos using Windows Media Player or VLC, you will be able to watch them only on major browsers.

2. Change login method

Until now, the member ID and password were used for login, but you will be logged in with the e-mail address you specified when you registered as a member before the renewal and the password you have used so far. If you do not know your e-mail address or password, please contact us from "Request & Inquiry" with the member ID you used when you logged in before the renewal. We will reply to the registered e-mail address.

3. How to cancel unlimited monthly viewing

After logging in, click "MY Page" at the top left of the site top page. You can cancel the monthly unlimited viewing from the "Cancel" button on this page.