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Viewing Sample Video

If you are not able to view sample video, you will not be able to view paid online videos. So please check to see if following sample video is played on your computer.
★ This site is a streaming service. It is not possible to download and watch.

For viewing video

for Windows User
Media Player
Ver.9 later
Get Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player is required to view all videos. If you don not have the player, please download the software by clicking the left banner. Usage or troubles regarding the software should be contacted directly to the developer.
for Macintosh User
ab Ver. 6.5
QuickTime Player Download
For the playbackQuickTime PlayerandWindows Media Components required. If these programs have not, you can It from the banner on the left to download. If you have problems using the software, please contact the manufacturer.
Windows Media Components for QuickTime (Flip4Mac)
WMV and QuickTime Player

Recommended PC Specs

WindowsMedia9 codec may not be able to be played smoothly on computer with low CPU. Ideal viewing criteria is as follows;
Windows Macintosh
OS :WindowsME,2000,XP,Vista,Windows7
Sample500Kbps/Pentium3_800MHz or higher
Sample1264kbps/Pentium3_1GHz or higher
OS :MacOS 10.39 or later(Cannot be viewed on OS9)
Sample500Kbps/G4_500MHz or higher
Sample1264kbps/G4_1.0GHz or higher
*Above is only criteria and does not guarantee the best performance as computer’s ability vary on its performing environment.
  And the spec listed above is higher than general recommended environment.
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